Before you buy a Black Friday smartphone, fold one in half

Before you buy a Black Friday smartphone, fold one in half

Why doesn’t anyone buy flip phones? The latest smartphone innovation only accounts for 1% of the market, according to the Korean electronics industry site. the elect, reporting on Samsung. Compared to flagship phones like the Galaxy S22or best-selling budget phones like the galaxy a13foldable phones are a blip on the market’s radar. That doesn’t make sense, considering how great they are.

If you’re thinking of buying a new phone during the black friday offer season, are you going to hold it in your hand first? Normally, I’d say you don’t need to try a phone before you buy one. That’s why we’re here, to lay hands on everyone and then tell you what the best phones to buy. Unfortunately some of you are ignoring my adviceSo now I’m telling you to go out and fold a phone.

A partially folded Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 next to a partially folded Huawei Mate Xs 2, both on a pine table

A Galaxy Z Fold 4 and a folding Huawei Mate Xs 2 (Image credit: Future)

Go to your local Best Buy or favorite wireless carrier store and insist on folding the phone in half. I highly recommend folding the Samsung Galaxy ZFlip 4but Galaxy Z Fold 4 it’s also a delightful phone to fold. Don’t just look at pictures on the phone and don’t let someone else fold it for you. Go to the store, take the phone and fold it.

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