Upgrading iPhone 13 and 14 to iOS 16 could be risky Indicates some customer complaints – Gizbot News

Upgrading iPhone 13 and 14 to iOS 16 could be risky Indicates some customer complaints – Gizbot News


Upgrading iPhone 13 and 14 to iOS 16 could be risky

Apple recently released the iPhone 14 series of devices and even offered a major update for iOS. The new update, called iOS 16.1, appears to have some strange bugs. Even the previous generation iPhone 13 series of smartphones seem to be affected after updating to iOS 16. Let’s look at the common complaints and how to try to avoid these bugs on an iPhone.

Did Apple release iOS 16 with bugs and poor software optimizations?

The latest editions of iOS and iPadOS did not arrive together. Apple usually releases iOS and iPadOS simultaneously, and they even have identical version numbers. This year, iOS 16 was released a bit before iPadOS 16, and it seems that both operating systems had problems not only before, but also after the release of the stable versions.

Quite a few iPhone users have been complaining on social media platforms about the erratic behavior of their devices after installing the iOS 16.1 update. Some of the issues, like random screen freezing or weird animation glitches, are temporary annoyances. However, these bugs have not been fixed in the incremental updates to iOS 16.1, some users claim.

The video clearly shows the iPhone 14 stuck in the Spotlight search menu. Even after the user tries to exit the menu and return, the phone will not respond as expected. Interestingly, the device does not go back to the home screen. But the user can open App Switcher and even access Control Center by swiping down.

By the way, these bugs are not just limited to the iPhone 14 series of devices. Reports indicate that some iPhone 13 devices might face similar issues after updating to iOS 16. In addition to these minor annoyances, several users have noticed strange animations for the newly introduced floating search button or “pill widget”.

Should iPhone users avoid iOS 16?

There is no doubt that iOS 16 had, and still has, bugs and glitches. It is possible that Apple has rushed the delivery of the main version. The company may have wanted the recently released iPhone 14 series devices to have the latest iOS 16 instead of the previous iOS 15. By the way, the company couldn’t secure new iPad tablets were released with stable iPadOS 16.

Upgrading iPhone 13 and 14 to iOS 16 could be risky

Apple allows iPhone users to delay installing system updates. Users can choose to let the iPhone automatically download and install updates or simply download and store them. Settings are available in Settings > General > Software update. To turn off Install iOS updates to prevent iPhone from installing the latest iOS update.

Apple may not have openly acknowledged the aforementioned issues with iOS 16, but the company quickly released iOS 16.1 after iOS 16. Therefore, an upcoming update may include fixes for the bugs.

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Story first published: Sunday, November 6, 2022, 9:51 AM

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