Huawei installs Hertz antennas in Portugal to expand 5G network

Huawei installs Hertz antennas in Portugal to expand 5G network

During HDC 2022, huawei held a conference, Bruce Lee, Vice President of Huawei Smart Devices Business Group Mobile Phone Product Line, explained the launch of the XMAGE camera imaging system.

In July this year, Huawei Announced its own imaging brand, XMAGE, to enhance imaging technology, style and experience.

In September, the Huawei Mate 50 series it was equipped with a super-optical XMAGE imaging system, which introduced a number of technological advances.

XMAGE focuses on four imaging systems: optical system, mechanical structure, imaging technology, and image processing. From the four dimensions of optomechanical computing, the entire XMAGE imaging system is combined.

For example, in the optical system, the Huawei Mate 50 series super-optical variable camera adopts variable aperture technology, which can achieve a physically adjustable ten-step aperture, bringing technological breakthroughs in three optical systems.

The entire lens module adopts high-precision component design and assembly process to create F1.4 large physical aperture.

The overall structure has a total of 23 precision components, including high-precision annular magnetic field micro-control motors, physical aperture blades, and other innovative originals, with a maximum accuracy of 5-10μm micron level.

The second is a breakthrough in the ability to control the amount of light. It is a technical difficulty of the optical system to realize the technical solution of variable aperture and match the proper amount of incoming light for different light environment, thus bringing the best imaging effect.

In order to provide precise control of the amount of incoming light, Huawei has pioneered a high-precision, full-process detection and calibration solution.

huawei xmage camera

After more than 20 versions of blade design and verification, coupled with a set of high-precision drive control algorithms, the 6 metal opening blades can be physically opened and closed to achieve the effect of an opening change of 10 steps.

Aesthetic design:

High reliability aesthetic design is the gene of Huawei Mate series product. Huawei has pioneered the integrated metal coating solution for the appearance of the sheet.

The blade adopts a new high-strength, bright, high-modulus aluminum material, which further reduces structural weight and achieves a 20-fold increase in strength.

In the Huawei Mate 50 RS Porsche design, a 3.2mm ultra-long-stroke mechanical motor is also featured, and it is the first time in the industry to adopt a double-mirror group focus structure design. You can use the moving focus between the mirror groups for a secondary calibration to further improve the optical resolution in macro mode.

huawei image

In the XMAGE image style, Huawei has also established its own color image style. The Huawei Featured Image Color Research Team brings together teams of experts from seven Huawei research institutes around the world, including China, Finland, Japan, and the United Kingdom.

Submissions from more than 3.3 million users of the Huawei New Image Contest are samples to establish Huawei’s unique image style, which is required by: Realism, Moisturizing, Transparency, and Breathing.

In terms of color, Huawei has also cooperated with the Color Research Institute of China Tsinghua University Art and Research Center, based on the theoretical basis of the “color science” system, to extract the color tone of the style XMAGE.

Based on the XMAGE primary color, it does not change the inherent color of the object and only adjusts based on the two dimensions of saturation and lightness. Under the condition of preserving the content of the photo, it presents a bright and luminous tone, forming a complete and systematic color tone system.

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