Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Cases to Buy in 2022

Best Samsung Galaxy S22 Cases to Buy in 2022

Looking for a case for your Samsung Galaxy S22 5G? Well, you are in the right place! NextPit discovered the best cases available for the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G. In this best list, we bring them to you along with everything you’ll need to know before you make the right choice. In our selection, you will find rugged cases, clear cases, card cases, and even battery cases.

The Samsung Galaxy S22 5G was launched alongside the larger Samsung Galaxy S22+ and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra bringing some firsts to the S line. As we will see, some quirks of the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G, like the smaller battery and compact form factor, create some interesting opportunities for case makers. Here take a look at some of the most interesting cases for the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G:

The new glass rear of the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G makes the investment a case of the utmost importance. Additionally, the compact 6.1-inch size is considerably smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S22+ 5G or Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G and ensures that previous model cases will not be compatible with the S22, although the overall shape and positioning of the the camera have remained the same. same. Lastly, the smaller 3700 mAh battery may hold some users back, which is why we’ve also included a case with a power bank.

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Buying tips: What should you look for when buying a case for the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G?

In Myself Samsung Galaxy S22 5G reviewI praised the device for its visual beauty and material selection, which went from a plastic back to a glass back with an aluminum frame. However, the design of the base model of the S22 has flaws: the shape of the camera island makes the device wobble when placed on a table, while the edges of the frame can feel uncomfortable to the touch.

Also, the fact that the back is now made of glass adds an additional threat of accidental drops that can break it. Investing in a case is important for the new Samsung Galaxy S22 for both aesthetic and protection reasons. After all, you want to get the most money out of your device when you want to get a trade-in discount or resell it.

what material is correct

Choosing the right materials for your case and balancing it with your needs and budget is the most important thing when selecting the right case for you. Ideally, we’d want a case with a combination of materials for different parts. Softer rubber or silicone materials are better at absorbing the impact of a fall. Harder plastic materials are better for the back as they are more scratch resistant and have a rugged feel that many users prefer. Stiffer materials also provide adequate support for other case features, such as kickstands, card pockets, and magnetic mounts.

Regardless of the design you choose, you should always look for raised lips that provide adequate protection for your screen and camera lenses. You don’t want the screen or lens to hit the ground in the event of a fall!

What are your needs?

Considering your needs is the next step in the process. If you have a casual, urban lifestyle, then a stylish case with a card holder or strap might be the best solution, while if you’re clumsy like the editor, a rugged case will save you from costly screen replacements. For the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G, a specific need arises because the device has a smaller battery. The mighty screen and the hungry SoC Exynos 2200 or Snapdragon 8 gen 1 They’re not helping much either, which means your battery will have a hard time keeping up. Investing in a battery box is a good option.

How many cases do you need?

While this question is tied to your individual needs, there is another aspect to consider which is price. When selecting the cases that are right for you, you should always keep in mind the budget you have available. The truth is that at least once you will find yourself in an environment where a different case would serve you better. Having two or three cases will likely cover all your occasions, and budgeting for them properly will optimize your experience. For this list, we’ve selected cases from all price points.

The best cases for Samsung Galaxy S22 5G

Best All-Around Protection: Spigen Tough Armor Case

Amazon Spigen Rugged Armor S22 16x9 Case

The Spigen has a convenient kickstand / © Amazon Store / Spigen

Spigen Tough Armor is a favorite on our best lists across many devices. Here it manages to capture the best spot with three different layers of materials, including softer TPU and stiffer plastic. The design is certified to military standards MIL-STD 810G-516.6 with Air Cushion technology for shock protection. It comes with a convenient kickstand and three different color schemes and can usually be found at a very competitive discounted price of around $20.

Best Samsung Case: Samsung S-View Flip Cover

samsung galaxy s22 s view flip cover 16x9

You can answer calls without even opening the case! / © Samsung

Samsung cases are available for quite a high price, but they offer a nice look and feel to match your device. For this selection, I tried to go for a case that makes the back completely flat, alleviating the Samsung Galaxy S22’s wobbling issues. The main feature of this leather case is that it has cutouts that allow you to see the screen below. You can touch the device to accept or reject calls without opening it, and the case has room for a few cards or cash. Samsung also claims that the case has an antimicrobial coating, which provides a hostile environment for bacteria.

Best Clear Case: Torras Diamond Clear Series

amazon torras transparent case s22 case 16x9

The manufacturer claims that the case is resistant to yellowing, the bane of all clear cases. / © Amazonas / Torras

The Torras Diamond Clear Case features everything you would need from a clear case. Aside from the 1.5mm lips for the screen and 1.3mm for the cameras, it comes with anti-yellowing technology that helps keep the case uncluttered, according to the manufacturer. In addition, the manufacturer confirms that the case is compatible with wireless charging and offers a 180-day warranty.

Best Drum Box: Newdery Drum Box

amazon newdery battery case s22 case 16x9

This is what I call chonky / © Amazon / Newdery

If the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S22 isn’t enough to get you through a busy day, then this case will give it a serious boost. To be exact, you’re getting a ~4700mAh boost, which is more than a full charge from the 3700mAh battery the S22 features. With the touch of a button you can start charging your device and while it doesn’t charge fast, I think this is for the better as it allows your S22 to charge healthier. Also, I would go the extra mile and also limit the S22’s battery charge to 80% to prevent unnecessary battery stress.

Despite the bulk, the Newdery Battery case still allows for wireless charging and NFC transmissions. Fortunately, the power bank supports fast charging up to 18W.

Best Card Case: Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol.1

amazon smartish wallet s22 16x9 case

The design is unique! / © Amazon / Smart

The Smartish Wallet Slayer Vol.1 is exactly what it describes. A wallet killer. With a built-in spring to hold up to three cards securely in your case, it will make your wallet obsolete. Granted, he might still need something to carry the extra money he’ll save buying this affordable case, but he gets the point. In addition to looking sick, the design features ridges for your fingers to handle the device more comfortably while still allowing for wireless charging. Just make sure to withdraw your cards first!

Essential accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S22 5G

When it comes to other Samsung Galaxy S22 5G accessories, there are two things that cannot be ignored. First of all we have the charger, which is no longer included in the package. The Samsung Galaxy S22 5G charges up to 25W, so you may want to select a charger that can output at least that much. You can find some recommendations in our article dedicated to the best chargers.

Also, you can invest in a wireless charger. It won’t be as fast as wired charging, with a Qi charging cap of 15W, but it will get the job done.

Finally, we have the screen protector. Even though the S22 features the latest Gorilla Glass Victus+, you can never go wrong with some extra protection. Just be sure to select a protector that won’t interfere with the ultrasonic fingerprint reader.

Of course, this list doesn’t cover the plethora of cases you can find on the market, but hopefully, it’s a good starting point for you to start looking for the perfect case for your Samsung Galaxy S22 5G!

And that’s it for our selection of the best Samsung Galaxy S22 5G cases. Do you have a case to recommend? Tell us in the comments!

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