Single’s Day 2022 Big Sale: Dada Group Optimized On-Demand Solutions to Support Merchants’ Growth and Stronger Life

Single’s Day 2022 Big Sale: Dada Group Optimized On-Demand Solutions to Support Merchants’ Growth and Stronger Life

The number of physical stores participating in the Double 11 Shopping Festival through the JDDJ platform is doubling compared to last year. The first order, a last Redmi Note 12, was delivered to the customer nine minutes after placing the order.

CARRY OFF, November 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Dada Group (Nasdaq: DADA) (“Dada”), from China The leading on-demand retail and delivery platform, provides shopping and delivery services for customers within minutes through JDDJ (Dada’s on-demand retail platform) and JD Shop Now service as the Single’s Day Big Sale, known as Double 11, the world’s largest online shopping festival, which began on 31 October. Taking full advantage of its service advantages characterized by online orders, delivered from stores within an hour, Dada offers high-quality products and better deals to consumers around the world. Porcelainproviding a more convenient and efficient shopping experience, so that the shopping spree is more robust.

More than 200,000 retailers are participating in this year’s Double 11 shopping festival through the JDDJ platform, doubling the number of sellers from 2021. Consumers in more than 1,800 cities/counties have experienced faster delivery and updated from Double 11 orders.

Within the first ten minutes of the shopping spree that began on 31 October a 20:00, customers from more than 500 cities/counties had already received the products they purchased. Mr. Yang’s shenzhen bought the latest Redmi Note 12 on the JD app and received the smartphone delivered by a Dada Now user in just nine minutes, making it the first order placed across the country.

Rapid sales growth fueled by JD Shop Now across multiple categories

Dada’s Double 11 support plan has yielded impressive results in the strong opening phase of the shopping festival, reporting substantial sales volume increases for electronics, egg gift boxes, pet care, sports and activities outdoors, as well as perfumes and cosmetics, among others. than electronics by 500%, sports and outdoor activities by 420%, and perfumes and cosmetics by 210%.

Omni-channel integration of online and offline retail solutions has boosted sales of leading brands Xiaomi and vivo by 220%, Asus and Dell by 260% year-over-year, and Decathlon sales increased tenfold compared to last year.

Drive business partner growth with more choice

Dada supports high-quality growth not only through on-demand delivery solutions, but also through targeted campaigns for this year’s Double 11 shopping festival. Teamed up with top brands to run Double 11 shopping campaigns like Quality Shops, Super Brand Alliance and more, collaborating to offer discounts of up to 50% on best-selling items.

Its comprehensive Double 11 support plan brings high-quality products and services to consumers at affordable prices, while helping brands and vendors grow their business and market influence.

Dada’s optimized order picking solution now covers all Carrefour China stores and helps improve operational efficiency by increasing order picking speed by 23.8%.

At the same time, Dada platforms also help companies achieve growth in sales, performance, and brand influence. Playing on the “buy it and take it” advantage of on-demand retail, JDDJ and JD Shop Now have converged different shopping scenarios, such as bulk shopping, grocery shopping, gift delivery and more, as well as specialty city ​​to create exclusives based on scenes. buying sessions for this year’s Double 11 event.

Stronger order fulfillment capabilities

Dada has also introduced an autonomous delivery solution to reduce delivery operation time and maximize efficiency, integrating larger unmanned vehicles for bulk order deliveries and smaller vehicles for more flexible door-to-door deliveries. Autonomous delivery technology further enhances Dada and JD’s order fulfillment capabilities, enabling the first order in beijing to meet using an unmanned vehicle in less than 10 minutes after the opening of the shopping spree. So far, Dada’s autonomous delivery service has helped fill more than 60,000 orders.

Leveraging its strong digital capability and flexible logistics networks, Dada’s industry-leading pick and delivery system offers services including inventory replenishment, item packing, picking and shipping, all operated with exceptional efficiency and accuracy.

dad now, from China The leading local on-demand delivery platform operated by Dada Group, provides fast and reliable on-demand delivery services to customers and provides them with unparalleled online shopping experiences.

More in-town service options at for consumers

The business within the city of JD also offers more options for customers during the Double 11 shopping festival, and has reported a 40% monthly increase in orders for groceries and FMCG, and a year-over-year increase of 3, 5 times in the reservation orders of the cleaning service. and a 2.7x year-on-year increase in laundry service orders, as Dada has now expanded its business reach into the service sector within the city. The business within the city of JD is also partnering with from China State Grid will launch the ‘State Grid Online’ applet that allows consumers in 26 provinces to view and pay their electricity bills on their mobile phones.

In addition, the “online payment and in-store consumption” business is also seeing three times year-on-year growth in order volume.

JDDJ has established and elevated its hyper-local logistics infrastructure and on-demand e-store networks to enable global brands to provide better, faster and more convenient services for Chinese consumers, and JDDJ is redefining the retail sales and marketing model with powerful digital tools to help both online and brick-and-mortar sellers build omnichannel operations and reduce costs through digital transformation.

About Dada Group

Dada is a leading on-demand local retail and delivery platform in Porcelain. Opera JDDJ, one of from China the largest local on-demand retail platforms for retailers and brand owners, and Dada Now, a leading local on-demand delivery platform open to individual merchants and shippers across various industries and product categories. The company’s two platforms are interconnected and benefit from each other. The Dada Now platform enables an enhanced delivery experience for JDDJ platform participants through its easily accessible fulfillment solutions and robust on-demand delivery infrastructure. Meanwhile, the high volume of on-demand delivery orders from the JDDJ platform increases the volume and density of orders for the Dada Now platform. In june 2020Dada Group began trading on the Nasdaq Global Market, under the ticker symbol DADA.

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