Sign in with Apple is a quick and easy way to protect yourself online. Here is how to use it

Sign in with Apple is a quick and easy way to protect yourself online.  Here is how to use it

Do you dread signing up for a new service or logging into a new website? Nobody wants plus emails in your inbox or risk your security by using a site once.

Sign in with Apple can help you improve your online security by signing in to third-party apps and websites on your Apple devices with your Apple ID. The privacy tool will then verify your credentials instead of signing in with Facebook, Google, or creating a new account using your email address on an app or website. You can use Sign in with Apple in any supported browser and app, and it’s available on iOS, MacOS, tvOS, and WatchOS.

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Here’s everything you need to know about how Sign in with Apple works and how to use it. Also, here it is how to check your iPhone privacy settings in two easy steps Y nine rules for strong passwords.

How to use Sign in with Apple

1. When you open an app or website, if it supports Sign in with Apple, just touch Continue with Apple.

two. Accept or deny the permissions the app requests.

3. Follow the on-screen prompts regarding your Apple ID. You can choose to edit your name or share or hide your email. To choose Continue.

4. Enter your password when prompted. You can also confirm with Face ID or Touch ID. If you don’t have any of the three, you can use your Apple ID password.

As long as you are signed in on your device, you will be signed in to the app. To sign out, simply locate the settings on the app or website and choose Disconnect. You will need to repeat the process if you want to log in again.

How does Sign in with Apple work?

Sign in with Apple uses your Apple device to verify your credentials rather than using your social account logins, which could make you vulnerable to being tracked online. With the Hide My Email option, Apple creates a random email address; you’ll recognize it by the unique alphanumeric string followed by

The random email address can only be used for a specific app. The generated email will be used by the app or website, but Apple will forward any correspondence to your real email, protecting your identity. You can reply to any emails you want without exposing your personal email address. Apple also allows you to turn off the email forwarding feature at any time.

Sign in with Apple says it won’t use any of your information other than what’s required to allow you to sign in and out of an account. The tool also employs two-factor authentication with Face ID or Touch ID. If you don’t see the Sign In option, that means the app or website doesn’t support it yet.

iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone Plus

Sign in with Apple also works on iPhone 14 Pro Max and iPhone Plus.

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What apps support Sign in with Apple?

1. Open the Settings app on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch and tap your name.

two. Play Passwords and Security.

3. To choose Apps that use your Apple ID.

From there, if you’ve used Sign In, you should see a list of apps. You can tap through each app and see what preferences you set or change, as well as read the privacy policy for that app or website. You can also disable email forwarding here, as well as stop using your apple id with the app

How do I use Sign in with Apple on Mac?

1. When you open an app or website, if it supports Sign in with Apple, click Continue with Apple.

two. Follow the instructions on the screen. You should be able to enter a different name if you don’t want to use your real name or choose which Apple ID-associated email you’d like to use, as well as the ability to choose Hide my email.

After you start using Sign in with Apple, you can edit any apps you’ve added by choosing the button Apple menu > System Settings > click your Name. From there, choose Password and Security and click Edit. This will allow you to turn off email forwarding or remove an app that uses Sign in with Apple.

An open laptop on a table

You can use Sign in with Apple on Mac.

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How do I use Sign in with Apple from a web browser?

1. Sign up

two. Click Entrance and Security.

3. Click Sign in with Apple.

4. Click on any app using Sign in with Apple to remove access.

How do I change my forwarding email address?

If you use Hide My Email and need to make some changes, here’s how to do it on mobile:

1. Open Settings.

two. Touch your name.

3. Play Name, phone numbers, email.

4. Play forward to in Hide my email.

5. Choose a new email address to use for forwarding.

The new address you enter will be applied to all applications with which you are using the Hide My Email feature.

How is Sign in with Apple different from using Facebook or Google Sign-in?

Sign in with Apple is only visually similar to the icons that allow you to use your Google or Facebook credentials. While signing in with Facebook or Google may seem easier, a lot of personal information is attached to those accounts, like your nicknames, hometown, and date of birth. This data may seem unimportant at first glance, but some of it is a prime source of security questions for your bank account and other sensitive information.

Signing in with Apple also gives you more control over what permissions apps and websites have access to. You can choose which apps have to ask your permission each time it requests your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth location data. It’s useful if you’re trying out a new app or if you don’t plan to use an app often, for example.

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