Huawei announces the Mate 50 Pro smartphone

Huawei announces the Mate 50 Pro smartphone

The company huawei today announced the launch of the latest member of the Mate 50 series. It is the Pro version that comes equipped with an incredible technological package, especially in the photographic aspect and in the integration of intelligent functions.

the Mate 50 Pro features a Clous de Paris-style symmetrical ring design, and a camera XMAGE with Ultra Aperture, which has the first physical opening adjustable to 10 scales and new functionalities. Powered by the EMUI 13 operating system, which offers intelligent services such as the SuperHub function, which makes it easy to transfer data and files between different applications and devices.

richard yuExecutive Director of the Board of Directors of Huawei, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business and General Manager of Huawei Intelligent Automotive Solution BU has pointed out the importance of the launch, assuring that “Over the past decade, the Mate series has constantly pushed the limits. of innovation to offer accessible and revolutionary technology. Each new generation of Mate smartphones has brought together the latest developments and technological advances from Huawei. The HUAWEI Mate 50 series continued in this line as it features pioneering innovations to enhance the user experience.”

Classic design and capabilities

In addition to the characteristic design language of the Mate series, with its iconic symmetry and spatial ring design, the device also uses the stepped Clous de Paris relief for the first time. It comes with a glass back cover available in two colors, silver and black, which give it a distinctive finish. It supports IP68-rated water resistance, allowing it to easily handle wet and dusty environments.

Ultra-aperture XMAGE camera

It has a camera with Ultra Aperture adjustable in 10 levels that incorporates novelties in the optical system, the mechanical structure, the technology and the image processing. In ‘Auto’ the iris is adjusted to match the aperture size to the image settings, while in ‘Pro’ you can manually adjust the depth of field and degree of blur.

For its part, the hardware and algorithms of the brand are integrated naturally to improve the taking of still images. The Ultra Aperture camera is on. equipped with a large aperture of F1.4, which uses the image engine XD Fusion Proand lets in a lot of light, so adjust image brightness, highlight and shadow details, and balance cool and warm colors. Night mode captures images where light and dark spaces are defined, even in low-light environments. For its part, with the ‘Portrait’ you can achieve a natural background blur that highlights the main subject of the photo from its surroundings. Thanks to the periscopic telephoto lens that supports a zoom range of up to 200X, images can be obtained at great distances.

The wide-angle macro camera allows you to capture more details without losing quality. The Mate 50 Pro also supports Picture-in-Picture (PiP) macro and video recording to clearly reproduce moving scenes.


The Mate 50 Pro incorporates a technology that increases the performance of the devices. In this sense, SuperHold intelligently uses the memory of smart smartphones to ensure easy multitasking. SuperRender reduces power consumption through pixel-level inter-frame prediction, keeping the game stable at high frame rates and preventing overheating. For its part, SuperStorage eliminates duplicate files and compresses little-used applications. In this way, you can conserve up to 20 GB of space (on a phone with 256 GB ROM), which allows more storage, for example, for photos and videos.

The SuperEnergy Boosting saving system allows, when the battery level drops to 1%, to keep the device on standby for up to three hours or 12 minutes of calls.

Operating system

The Mate 50 series phones are the first to run EMUI 13, which improves usability with one-touch navigation. In addition to the capabilities mentioned above, comprehensive privacy features have been integrated to give the user peace of mind. The model supports image privacy protection, which means that when an image is shared, the phone automatically removes sensitive information such as location and password. weather.

Price and release date

Huawei Mate 50 Pro is now available. on pre-sale for €1,199 from today November 10 until next November 23 in both Black and Gray in the 8+256GB configuration with Huawei GT 3 Pro Watch (Classic or Active) like a gift. The terminal will definitely go on sale on November 23 at a price of €1,199 and with an introductory offer that includes Huawei FreeBuds Pro 2 as a gift.

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