iPhone 15 release date: tips and tricks

iPhone 15 release date: tips and tricks

Apple iPhone 15 rumors are heating up ahead of its inevitable release next fall. If you’re thinking about buying Apple’s new 2023 iPhone next year, there are a few things you’ll want to do before the iPhone 15 release date.

Although Apple’s iPhone 15 announcements are just under a year away, there are some good reasons to consider waiting for the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max/Ultra. Apple will reportedly release four new iPhones in 2023, though we could see the “Pro Max” model rebranded as “Ultra.”

The iPhone 15 series will reportedly have a variety of upgrades on board, including a new processor, improved cameras, improvements to Dynamic Island, and much more.

We don’t have an official iPhone 15 release date yet – that announcement won’t be coming for a while – but we should see it arrive in mid-September 2023.

While it may seem like it’s a little early to start preparing for the iPhone 15 release date, taking a few steps ahead of time will ensure you’re fully prepared to buy one when the time comes.

Your research might even convince you to buy another iPhone model long before the iPhone 15 launches or maybe even buy a phone outside of Apple’s ecosystem.

In this guide, we’ll walk prospective iPhone 15 buyers through some steps to take in the winter, spring, summer, and early fall ahead of Apple’s iPhone 15 release date.

Follow up on iPhone 15 rumors

If you’re interested in buying one of Apple’s 2023 iPhones, you’ll want follow the latest rumors as we move towards its release date next year.

Apple will try to keep the iPhone 15 details under wraps, but leaks are inevitable. We’ve already seen numerous reports outlining potential iPhone 15 features, and we’ll see plenty more in the coming months.

The iPhone 15 rumors will fill in a lot of the blanks and help you set proper expectations as we get closer to Apple’s announcements.

In addition to keeping an eye out for hardware and software rumors, you’ll also want to keep an eye out for release date and supply chain rumours.

As of now, we’re expecting the iPhone 15 release date to arrive in September, but that could certainly change in the future.

Keep an eye on your upgrade eligibility

If you’re planning to buy the iPhone 15 next year, or even just interested in buying one, keep an eye on the status of your upgrade throughout the year.

If you’re not eligible for an upgrade until October (or later) of next year, you may not be able to purchase your new iPhone 15 model right away.

That said, carriers will sometimes change the status of your update, so you’ll want to check back to see if anything changes in the buildup to Apple’s announcements.

Checking the status of your current update is easy. Here’s how to check your update online at pique, Verizon, AT&T, T MobileY US cell.

Get familiar with iOS 16 and iOS 17

If you’re currently using a device that fell behind on iOS 15 (or earlier) or an Android phone, and plan to upgrade to an iPhone 15 in 2023, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with iOS 16.

At this time, the current version of iOS is iOS 16. If you have a newer iPhone model, you have probably already updated the software and you can skip this step.

If you’re still using an older version of iOS or moving from Android, use this time to familiarize yourself with iOS. you can start with our software guide.

Next June, without a doubt, Apple will announce iOS 17 for iPhone. The company is likely to confirm the software during its WWDC 2023 keynote.

iOS 17 will be the software that powers the iPhone 15 series, so familiarizing yourself with that version of iOS will also be important. And you’ll be able to do it long before the iPhone 15 release date arrives.

Shortly after the conclusion of the WWDC 2023 keynote, Apple is likely to push iOS 17 into beta testing, and if you own an eligible device, you’ll be able to download a preview version of the software.

If you prefer to keep your devices running on stable software, you can follow iOS 17 from a distance. Either way, you’ll want to dig into the changes on board to get you comfortable with the iPhone 15 software ahead of time.

Find iPhone accessories

As we head towards the iPhone 15 release date, you should spend some time familiarizing yourself with the best iPhone accessories. That way you’ll know exactly what to buy and how much to spend if you decide to pair your new iPhone with a few extras.

We recommend reading reviews and delving into the best iPhone accessories long before Apple makes its announcements. Some accessories could drastically alter the way you use your new phone.

Make sure you have an idea of ​​potential costs, research the pros and cons of each manufacturer, and find styles that appeal to you. This way, you’ll know exactly what to buy when the time comes.

Calculate how much storage you need

Start thinking about how much storage you might want in your iPhone 15. Choosing the right amount of iPhone storage will help you save money and avoid future headaches.

While some of you will be perfectly fine with the least amount of storage, others will want the peace of mind that comes with having plenty of internal space available.

If you’re not sure what you might need, take a look at our iPhone 14 storage guide. While the iPhone 15 storage sizes may not reflect these exactly, they are likely pretty close.

Look on other iPhones

Before you make the decision to wait for the iPhone 15, you’ll want to research Apple’s current iPhone models. You might find an iPhone you really like long before the iPhone 15 series arrives.

First, we recommend taking a look at Apple’s current flagships, which include the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

You’ll also want to look at the iPhone 13, iPhone 13mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 ProMax, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 ProY iPhone 12 ProMax. We also recommend taking a look at the budget. iPhone SE 3.

Buying an iPhone 15 might seem like a good idea, but many of you might be better off buying another iPhone. If you buy one in 2022, you’ll be able to upgrade to an iPhone 15 or another phone next year.

Look for iPhone 15 alternatives

We also recommend taking a look at the best current and future iPhone 15 alternatives. You may find something you like outside of the Apple ecosystem.

There are plenty of great iPhone alternatives out there, but here are some of our current favorites:

You’ll also want to keep an eye out for upcoming iPhone 15 alternatives. For example, Samsung will almost certainly launch its new Galaxy S23 in the coming months and it should be one of the iPhone’s fiercest competitors.

Make a plan for your current phone

If you’re planning to upgrade to an iPhone 15, make sure you have a plan for your current phone.

Some of you may know a friend or family member who could use your current phone. Ask around and see if anyone might need something second hand. You can also consider donating your phone to charity.

If you’re planning to sell your current device to help offset the cost of your iPhone 15, you’ll want to dig into popular resellers’ prices.

You’ll also want to keep your current phone in pristine condition because that’s how you’ll get the most money from those resellers, your carrier, or Apple when the iPhone 15 trade-in offers go live.

We still don’t know how much the iPhone 15 series will cost, but you can expect it to at least match the prices of the iPhone 14 series. Which, as you may well know, isn’t cheap.

AppleCare Research

If you’re planning to buy an iPhone 15, you’ll probably want to protect your investment. And AppleCare will help you do it.

New iPhones come with a standard warranty, but Apple’s AppleCare it is an extended warranty service that provides much better support.

If you’re not familiar with AppleCare benefits, you should look into them when you have time. you should too find alternatives to AppleCare.

research bearers

If you’re currently unsatisfied with your carrier’s coverage or data plan, use this time to research the competitors and see if you can find a better option for your iPhone 15.

Each carrier has its pros and cons, but you might find one that stands out. If you’re interested in switching providers, be sure to shop around in the coming months.

5 reasons to wait for the iPhone 15 and 4 reasons not to

Expect performance improvements

Expect performance improvements

Apple always makes performance improvements to the iPhone year after year, so you can expect the iPhone 15 series to come with numerous changes.

You can expect the iPhone 15 models to feature an upgraded processor that could improve battery life and app performance.

The higher-end iPhone 15 models should include Apple’s new A17 chip, though we could see the lower-end ones come with Apple’s A16, the same processor that powers the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Rumors suggest that the iPhone 15 series could come with a new TSMC-based processor next generation 3nm chip technology. The process is expected to improve performance while reducing power consumption. In other words, we should see faster phones with better battery life.

Qualcomm has announced a new Snapdragon X70 5G Modem which is expected to launch on devices this year. It didn’t make it to the iPhone 14 series, but it will most likely make it to all four iPhone 15 models next year.

Apple is reportedly working on its own modem, but we won’t see it until 2024 or 2025. TrendForce think Apple internal modem will debut in 2024 while analyst Jeff Pu believe Apple will stick with Qualcomm and its unannounced Snapdragon X75 in 2024.

by Bloomberg Mark Gurman says that Apple will stick with Qualcomm chips in 2023.

Majin Bu Filter He says the iPhone 15 Ultra will start with 256GB of storage, while the iPhone 15 Pro will start with 128GB.

Taiwanese research firm TrendForce predicts that Apple will put an increase of 8 GB of RAM in the next iPhone 15 Pro models. The standard iPhone 15 models may still have 6 GB of RAM.

It’s still early days, but you can expect additional iPhone 15 rumors to outline some of the other possible performance improvements in the coming months.

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