Xiaomi put the 12T under the spotlight: Flagship killer!

Xiaomi put the 12T under the spotlight: Flagship killer!

We know xiaomiThe T-series models often compete with higher segment models, and it is a series that challenges its rivals in all lanes. who recently officially entered our country Xiaomi 12T We had the opportunity to examine the model in our office. Here are all the features offered by the model that makes a difference in all fields.

What does Xiaomi 12T offer?

When we examine the design details of the device, mega- two cameras placed below the main camera with a sensor, triple camera installation appears. The bulge on this camera does not bother the user, and its slim sides make it easy to use, especially with one hand.

On the front panel of the device 6.67 inches A screen welcomes us. Also this screen 120Hz It has a refresh rate. When we examine the design of the screen, we see that a structure with extremely thin bezels welcomes us. Generally, on smartphones in the same segment, we used to see that the bottom bezel was thick. However, Xiaomi has also kept the bottom bezel quite slim on the 12T model. We see that the camera is placed in the form of a perforated screen in the middle and takes up little space. We can say that this situation gives the appearance of the screen of the Xiaomi 12T model a full screen feeling.

Xiaomi 12T

If we evaluate the hardware side first, we can say that it is one of the strongest aspects of the device. because he used MediaTek signed Dimension 8100-Ultra Let’s say it comes with a powerful processor that will never cause problems for users in the gaming side. usually anyway T-series We know that the models are called high-end devices. Xiaomi is still upper segment continued to offer its benefits to users and MediaTek Dimension 8100-Ultra introduced its processor to users.

Xiaomi 12T

Thanks to this processor, it is possible to have a smooth experience not only in the gaming field, but also in all areas where the phone’s processor is bogged down and requires high processing power. for instance Dimension 8100-Ultraper second at 5 gigapixels as much as you can do. In this way, even with intensive use, freezing and shrinkage are avoided. 5nm processor that has gone through the manufacturing process, customized GPU compared to its successor thanks to its technology 30% shows higher performance and provides energy efficiency.

Dimension 8100-Ultra Your processor supports the latest 3GPP Version 16 5G features that provide 2X DL compared to version 15. With better design, 5nm a fully integrated 5G modem on the chipset that has gone through the manufacturing process, and MediaTek 5G UltraSave It includes unique developments like technology. For 5G download up to 40% It saves power and offers longer battery life compared to other chipsets on the market. In our country 5G connectivity We know that the work has begun to receive support. Therefore, instead of buying a 4G compatible smartphone, it is necessary to buy a model that can be used in the future. Therefore, both with its powerful processor and 5G support gain an advantage over your competitors Xiaomi 12T model, performance Y prolonged use Let’s also add that there is a model that can be preferred on the side.

Also, to support this processor, 8GB RAM Y 128GB/256GB Let’s also mention that it comes with two different internal storage options. If we evaluate the hardware side in general, let’s add that we find ourselves with a model that reveals its power in all fields with its top segment processor. However, the most important area affected by this processor is the camera. Artificial intelligence (AI) thanks to in night photography The processor is of great importance. The main reason for this is that processing the image in low light requires processing power. But we Xiaomi 12T Let’s add as a footnote that we can easily use the model with instant photo sessions without any problem in night photos during our experience.


Xiaomi 12T

As with all models of the T series, when we evaluated the camera of the Xiaomi 12T model, 108MP main camera, 8MP ultrawide camera angle and 2MP macro The camera welcomes us. These cameras support the OIS function. Especially in our camera experiences. of OIS Let’s also mention that the difference is felt significantly and offers a very stabilized image performance. The wide angle and macro cameras offer almost the same colors compared to the main camera, Xiaomi 12T We can say that this is one of the most important advantages of the model.


Xiaomi 12T

We can say that one of the most important advantages of the device is the battery and the charging part. 5000mAh The model that comes with a large battery capacity is to support this battery. 120W hypercharge It comes with technology. Thanks to this technology 0% to 100% reach alone 19 minutes. With the contribution of the Dimensity 8100-Ultra processor in energy efficiency up to 13.5 hours We also experience that it offers screen time.

general evaluation

If we evaluate the Xiaomi 12T model in general, we can say that the device challenges the devices of the higher segment in all lanes. When we take the phone in our hands, it also gives the user the feeling of Premium. If I evaluate it in terms of performance, both gaming and multiprocessing, etc. Also note that it is a model that exceeds my expectations in terms of performance and that RAM and processor support is offered to the end even in situations that require the processor.

When we look at the price side, the device price performance He was predicting that it would be a model that would take its place at the top of the market if it met the expectation of an affordable price that again challenged the upper segment. When the price is announced during the launch, especially Xiaomi 12T I can say that the model is one of the most affordable phones sold in the same segment in Turkey.

average in the market your segment When we evaluate models that address overpasses, TL20,000Prices up. Xiaomi 12T the model is;

8 GB of RAM + 128 GB of internal storage: ₺17,999
8 GB of RAM + 256 GB of internal storage: ₺19,999

It comes with a suggested starting price. Of course, let us add that these prices may vary according to the different sites. for instance mi.com.tr There are also valid campaigns between certain dates on the official website. If you find different prices on different sites, it would be more logical to choose mi.com.tr, at least the official website, with advantages such as gift vouchers up to 2000 TL.

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